“Any work you provide us is an opportunity for excellence!”

Steno Exact, the firm of Official Court Reporters, was founded in 1995 by Anita Auza and Monique Champagne. Soon after, the team was joined by other Court Reporters, English, French and bilingual. Today, there are more than thirty strong associated with the office, whether in their capacity as full time, part time or subcontractor stenographers, a great team of transcribers, as well as our receptionists/coordinators.

You can count on us as Court Reporters who work in all official jurisdictions, wherever our services are required, throughout Quebec and neighbouring areas, where there is a hearing, an out of court examination, investigation, arbitration, boundary dispute, conference, meeting, or for any need to have a legal transcription derived from a digital recording.

At all times, the expertise of Steno Exact is supported by the extensive experience of our Official Court Reporters who are :

-Certified by the Comité sur la sténographie

-Listed on the Tableau des sténographes officiels

-Members of the professional association APSOQ

-Bound to confidentiality by their professional oath

-Commissioners of oaths

As ‘maîtres de stage’, we offer students in stenotype the opportunity to be paired with an experienced Court Reporter to further their skills with the support of a mentor who will guide them through their learning experience. These skills acquired in the first years of their work according to the rules of art will have a significant influence and will give them a brighter professional future.