Anita Auza

I have been working in my capacity as an Official Court Reporter in the English language since 1989, having been accredited by the Barreaux de Montréal, Richelieu, Longueuil and Laval. I have also been a member of l’Association professionnelle des sténographes officiels du Québec (APSOQ). Throughout my career, I have done countless cases in the Superior, Provincial, Federal, Criminal and Appeal Courts. I have also worked together with various Arbitration Tribunals, Committees, Youth Courts, Comité de déontologie policière, Immigration sessions, special projects, conferences and corporate board meetings.

I have worked in many medical files, as well as pharmaceutical conferences; with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF); the Accoustical Society of America; as well as with the Senate whenever their Standing Committees were held in Montreal.

As well, from 1991 to 2005, I was the English Court Reporter working together with the Barreaux de Montréal, Richelieu, Longueuil and Laval in giving the semestriel English Court Reporter examination to potential candidates.

Having a strong English background and a great team of typists behind me allows me to assure that my transcripts are accurate and well punctuated. If needed, transcriptions can be provided on a rush or daily basis. Transcription of audio recorded court proceedings is also available in both language.

It is as one of the founding members of the team of Steno Exact that I look forward to working with you once again, or for the first time in the near future.